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UPS DPH (6-10KVA) series

Online double conversion structure design

Digital control technology

Ultra-high input and output power factor

Intelligent battery management

key parameters

Capacity range:  6-10 KVA

Voltage range: 110-300Vac

Input frequency range: 46-54 Hz or 56-64 Hz

Line-Battery transfer time: 0 ms

Harmonic: THDV≤1% (linear Load)

Input power factor: ≥0.99(full load)

Output power factor: 1.0

Operating efficiency: above 94%

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Product Details


• Safety and reliable

  Independent bypass input switch, double protection of the AC input, futher reducing the risk of output power failure

  Adopt advanced DSP digital centralized control technology to ensure the reliability of equipment operation

  Ultra-wide input range ensures stable and reliable power supply, extended battery life and reduced maintenance costs

• Smart and operating easily

  Ultra-high power density, small size, light weight, easy to handle

  Output power factor up to 1.0, the highest load capacity,energy-saving and reduce costs

  Flexible battery management,16-20 batteries optional

  Multi communication, RS232/USB/SNMP optional

• Green and high efficiency

  Operating efficiency above 94%, reduce energy costs

  Input power factor above 0.99, input THDI lower then 5%, effectively avoid line grid environment pollution

  Small output THDV, ensuring power supply stability and providing a pure power supply for the load


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DPH (6-10KVA) -A series manual Download
DPH (6-10KVA) -A series specification Download