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UPS DPH (1-3KVA)-B series

Daopulse DPH series is a new generation of universal UPS, which is designed and manufactured with the latest scientific research and application experience. The use of state-of-the-art DSP digital control technology effectively improves the product performance and system reliability, achieving high power density integration and miniaturization. Daopulse 1KVA~3KVA UPS is a high-end online energy-saving low power UPS, specially designed for small/medium-sized enterprises and small power supply needs in domestic and foreign markets. With rich extended functions, users can configure flexibly according to the full range of personalized needs. It can provide highly reliable green power protection for the departmental servers, small LANs, workstations, industrial PCS, small medical devices, and other small precision electronic instruments.

Key parameters

● Rated Capacity: 1/2/3KVA

● Input Voltage: 220Vac

● Output Voltage: 208/220/230/240Vac

● Frequency: 50/60Hz

● Topology: Online Double Conversion

● Phase: Single Phase, 1W+N+PE

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Product Details

Product Concept

Daopulse DPH series UPS, adopting all-digital control technology and the latest high-frequency PFC rectifying/inverting technology, features high efficiency, energy saving, high power factor and

small size, which can greatly reduce operating costs. This product has various functions such as AC voltage regulation and frequency stabilization, providing backup power supply, absorbing surgespikes, etc. It can provide pure, safe and reliable power supply for the load and ensure the stable operation of the critical equipment.


With compact design, Daopulse DPH series UPS is space saving and multifunctional. The rear panel is integrated with input/output sockets, battery terminals, cooling fans, communication slots, etc, making it space-efficient and easy to operate.

The power cord of DPH series is fixed to the UPS case. With the plug-and-play output sockets, it is safe and convenient to connect the electric appliances. For 3K(S) UPS, there are two kinds of outputs, socket and terminal blocks. In case that the current is over 10A, a ring terminal is recommended for more reliable wiring.

The long time UPS is equipped with the standard Anderson plug-in terminals, which is easy and safe toconnect the external battery cabinet.

Besides RS232, there are multiple other intelligent communication slots available, you can monitor, configure and control its operation, or integrate shutdown sequences with external equipment.


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