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UPS DPH (1-10KVA)-S series (Rack)

Daopulse UPS systems have two critical functions:

to provide battery backup power and to protect equipment from power surges and line noise interference

Key parameters

Capacity range: 1-10 KVA

Voltage range: 110 - 300Vac

Input frequency range:  40-70 Hz

Line-Battery transfer time: 0 ms

Harmonic: THDV≤3% (linear load)

Type: Rack

Description Specification Download
Product Details


• Advanced DSP technology

  Improve the digitization and reliability of the system

• Multiple features

  Simple design, small size, easy installation and transportation, stable and reliable,

  easy to operate and manage

• Stronger power protection

  Continuously supplying power to the load without interruption  

• Stable and reliable high quality power supply    

  When the line power is unstable, the UPS can avoid the equipment to suffer from

  undervoltage, surge shock and other hazards,  improve the quality of power  

  supply comprehensively

•  Fit for IT, Communications, Finance, Bank, Commerce, Data center etc.


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DPH (1-10KVA) -S series (rack) specification Download