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UPS DPH (1-10KVA)-S series

This series UPS is tower structure high frequency online UPS , it can resolve the line problem of the power grid and offer pure sine  wave output.

Key parameters

Capacity range: 1-10 KVA

Voltage range: 110 – 300Vac

Input frequency range: 40-70 Hz

Line-Battery transfer time: 0 ms

Harmonic: THDV ≤3% (linear Load)

Type: Tower

Description Specification Download
Product Details


High performance and reliability

  Online double conversion

  PFC rectifier technology

  SPWM inverter control technology

  High input power factor

  Full protection function & automatic bypass

  Intelligent communication port

  ECO & EPO function

Advanced communications

  Configurable communication interface module

  Flexible network management

  Point-to-point monitoring

  Alerts users of a power event or pre-specified condition

  Automatically shut down your servers

  Remotely supervise and control UPS solutions

  Programmable rear panel


Name Operate
DPH (1-3KVA) -S series manual Download
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DPH (1-10KVA)-S series specification Download