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UPS DPH (1-3KVA) series

UPS adopted advanced DSP digital control technology, short response time, high control accuracy, fast data operation.

Key parameters

Capacity range:  1-3 KVA

Voltage range: 110– 300Vac

Input frequency range: 40-70 Hz

Line-Battery transfer time: 0 ms

Harmonic: THDV ≤ 2% (linear load)

Operating efficiency: ≥91%

Input power factor: above 0.99 (full load)

Description Specification Download
Product Details


Digital DSP technology

  Improve the digitization and reliability of the system

• Multiple features

  Simple design, small size, easy to installation, transportation, operate and manage,

  stable and reliable

• Stronger power protection

  Overload protection, Short circuit protection, Reverse polarity protection, Over temperature

   protection, High input voltage protection, Battery overcharge protection, High/Low output

   voltage protection, continuously supplying power to the load without interruption

• High Performance Battery Charger

  Reduce battery recharging time, protect the battery against damage caused by deep charge

  and discharge


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DPH (1-3KVA) -A series manual Download
DPH (1-3KVA) -A series specification Download