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Compact 3-in-1 Solar Light

Our integrated solar light which integrates the green-energy parts

solar panel, lithium battery and LED lamp into a single product.

Our Compact 3-in-1 Solar Light have advantages of long-time,

high-luminance and free maintenance.

And also, it's convenient in the shipment and installation.

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Product Details

Compact 3-in-1 Solar Light


Application Methods                                                              

1. Charge the product for 6 hours before use.

2. Cover the solar panel to block light, and then press the small

    button for 5 seconds to start the lamp.

3. Remove the cover on the solar panel and the LED light will be off        automatically.

4. The solar light will start automatically when it is dark.

   When the light is activated by someone nearby,the flux is about 2000lm.

   The light will be dim to 200lm 15 seconds after no people is detected.

Additional Remarks

1. Local weather conditions and installation location/direction,

   greatly influence the sun exposure to the solar panel to charge the battery.

2. The unit cover is made of gray ABS-PC-UV plastic raw material with injection molding.

3. This product is against high temperature, freezing,lighting-proof, anti-oxidation, and waterproof.



Solar Panels

6V   8W

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

4.2V 12000mAh

Maximum Voltage


Minimum Voltage


Working Current


Maximum Power


LED Quantities


Maximum Lumen Value


LED Specification

SMD 2835 29-30LM 6000K/4000K

Charging Time

Sun exposure time > 8 hours

Detection Angle

> 180°

Detection Distance


Waterproof Grade


Suggested Installation Height


Name Operate
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