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UPS DPL33 (80-200KVA) series

Highly reliable digital processing technology

support dual mains input and zero line input

built-in output isolation transformer

able to withstand various types of loads

Key parameters

Capacity range: 80-200 KVA

Input rate voltage: 400Vac

Input frequency range: 50/60 Hz (±10%)

Line-Battery transfer time: 0 ms

Harmonic: THDV ≤2% (linear Load)

Description Specification Download
Product Details


•  Low frequency online double conversion UPS

 Advanced DSP control technology, high system reliability

•  Intelligent battery management system effectively extends battery life

•  Parallel work, with up to 4 units

•  RS232, USB, SNMP card, web monitoring optional


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DPL33 (80-200KVA) series specification Download