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UPS DPH31 (10 -20 KVA) series

This series is high quality three phase high frequency UPS

It can provide reliable protection for network support devices, storage devices, precision instruments, medical devices and automation devices

Key parameters

Capacity range: 10-20 KVA

Input rate voltage: 400Vac

Input frequency range: 46~54 Hz or 56~64 Hz

Line-Battery transfer time: 0 ms

Harmonic: THDV≤2% (linear load)  THDI≤6%

Operating efficiency: above 92% (line mode)

Description Specification Download
Product Details


High Performance and Reliability

  Online double conversion

  Compact and light weight

  SPWM inverter control technology

  High input power factor

  Wide input voltage range  

  Full protection function & Automatic bypass

  ECO & EPO function optional

High Performance Battery Charger

  Rated 1A, 4A charging current optional

  Reduce battery recharging time

  Protect the battery against damage caused by

  deep charge and discharge

Advanced Communication

  Flexible Network Management

  Point-to-point monitoring

  Alerts users of a power event or pre-specified condition

  Automatically shut down your servers

  Remotely supervise and control UPS solutions


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DPH31 (10 -20 KVA)-A series specification Download