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12V 150Ah lead-acid battery

Key Parameters

• Voltage: 12V

• Capacity: 150Ah

• Terminal Material: Lead/Copper

• Designed Floating Life: 12 years

• Maintenance: Maintenance free

• Nominal Operating Temperature: 25℃ ±3℃

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Product Details


• Safety and sealing

  In normal operation, the electrolyte does not leak out of the terminals or housing of the battery.

•  Maintenance free

  Strong regenerative capacity and high sealing reaction efficiency, so no need for water or

  acid maintenance during the entire battery use.

•  long service life

   A lead-calcium alloy fence with an anti-corrosion structure is used, and the battery can be floated for 10-12 years.

•  High stability and reliability

   Using advanced production technology and strict quality control system, the battery quality is stable and the

   performance is reliable.


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