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UPS DPO (400-2K VA) series

Key parameters

• Capacity range: 400-2000 VA

• Input rate voltage: 110/120V ac or 220/230/240Vac

• Line-Battery transfer time: Typical 2-6 ms

Description Specification Download
Product Details


Designed for PC terminals and low power devices

  Structure simple and reliable, low failure rate, small volume, low noise

• Multiple protection functions better protect your devices

  If the power supply system (including UPS) fails, it will provide a comprehensive

  protection, and protect against overload, short circuit and battery over-discharge etc


Miniaturization, audible noise is lower than 40 dB

• LED, LCD panel optional

• Frequency adaptation: 50 Hz / 60 Hz


Name Operate
UPS DPO (400-2K VA) series specification Download
DPO (400~2K VA) LED series manual Download
DPO (400~2K VA) LCD series manual Download