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FOUR-STAR Brand Certification


Congratulations to Daopulse Energy Co,.ltd got the FOUR-STAR Brand Certification !

Guangzhou Daopulse Energy Co.,ltd, was founded in 2005, a national High-Tech Enterprise, is dedicated to next generation batteries and energy ecosystem, aiming to mitigate energy and environmental problems.

We got the FOUR-STAR Brand certification on June 18th ,2020.

This certification is awarded by Mengbiao International Certification Co.,ltd.

This FOUR-START bran certification accordance with : Nation Standard  GB/T 27925-2011

For the scope of certification :

off-grid inverter, solar panel, lead acid battery, online high frequency UPS

online low frequency UPS, backup UPS,  UPS lead acid battery.

Welcome contact us for more details on our website www.daopulse.com