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Wang ShiTong Led the Research Team to Daopulse for Research and Guidance


On Aug.11, 2016, Wang ShiTong, member of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee and Minister of Organization Department, led the research team to investigate and guide the work.

Liu FuDe, CEO of Daopulse, gave a detailed report on business operations, core technologies and future development plans to Minister Wang. He also exchanged views with Minister Wang on the development status of the new energy field and the development of the enterprise market.

Then, Minister Wang visited the Daopulse Laboratory and the production line, and he express that he has faith in technology innovation of Daopulse. He said, “I hope that the Daopulse will continue to maintain the courage and spirit of innovation.The government will enhance to create a good business environment, Increase the absorption of high-level talents, enacting policies to promote business development, help all companies to be stronger and better.