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Seven Functions of UPS Power


UPSis an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source or main power fails. However, as an electrical apparatus, UPS has the following seven functions.

1.Power failure protection

When the mains power is failure, the UPS system converts the battery DC power into AC power to supply power to the load, avoiding the inconvenience and loss caused by power outage.

2.Voltage regulation

Unstable voltage will affect the quality and service life of the user's equipment. If it is serious, it will damage the equipment and cause significant losses to the user. The UPS can provide a stable voltage supply for the user equipment, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment and prolonging the service life.

3.Surge protection

Actually, the UPS power system has a point discharge design to absorb the surge to avoid the impact of the surge problem on the efficiency and service life of the device.

4.High and low voltage protection

The regulator (AVR) in the UPS keeps the mains voltage within a safe range that can be used to ensure proper operation. When the voltage exceeds the usable range, the UPS will transfer to battery mode and ensure the continuous operation of the equipment.

5.Harmonic distortion protection

When power is transmitted to the use end via the transmission and distribution line, the voltage waveform is distorted, and the fundamental current changes to generate harmonics. Harmonics can affect the operation of the equipment. Through the UPS, it can provide stable and high-quality power for the equipment, effectively improving the operating efficiency and service life of the equipment.

6.Stable frequency

A sudden change in the power consumption of the user terminal will cause the frequency to be unstable. The UPS power supply can provide a stable frequency to ensure the normal operation of the instrument and equipment.

7.Instant protection

The main power sometimes experiences voltage surges and sags or instantaneous voltage drops. Such problems will affect the accuracy of the equipment. The UPS system can provide a stable voltage to protect the equipment.