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Off-grid Inverter

High-frequency solar off-grid inverter controller integrated machine, high efficiency, stable performance, powerful function, and comprehensive protection. It adopts advanced DSP control technology, high-efficiency, and energy-saving high-frequency scheme design, integrates solar controller and inverter system into one.

When the sun is sufficient, the energy converted by the solar panel can be directly converted into electrical energy storage, and the solar output DC is inverted into a pure sine wave AC output for load use, which can be widely used in remote mountainous areas, no electricity areas, islands, communications, and set AC and solar priority to maximize the use of clean solar energy.

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Product Details

1~5K off-grid inverter with MPPT control charge

1.24V or 48V DC  available.

2.Wide DC input range and built-in MPPT solar charge controller.

3.Configurable AC/PV input priority via LCD set.

4.Output power factor up to 1.

5.Selectable high power charging current.

6.Auto restart while AC grid electricity come back.

7.Compatible with generator.

8.Overload and short circuit protection.

9.Parallel operation with up to 9 units (only available for 3K/4K/5K model).


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Off-grid Inverter Specification Download