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Uninterruptible power supply applications


                                                         UPS are used in any field that requires an uninterruptible , high quality power supply.

1. Data Centers

Whether it is data for healthcare services, 24/7 banking, or order processing, data is vital to your business. You’ve invested in the networks and systems that manage and store that data, and any interruption in the power supply can be devastating.

2. Banks and insurance

Cut off from your work and your customers? IT systems down? Loss of vital data? Any incident could lead to potential loss of revenue for your business.

3. Industrials

No matter what your facility produces, a stop in production means lost productivity. Not only that, interruptions in the power supply can be harmful to your equipment and dangerous for your employees.

4. Healthcare: hospitals, clinics and retirement homes

In a healthcare setting, reliable power is a matter of life and death. To deliver quality care, you need to be sure that your life-saving machinery will operate properly, without power interruptions, 24/7.

5. Telecommunications

Guaranteeing 24/7 power for even the toughest, most remote telecommunications sites is your job. Any disruption to the power supply could entail lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction.

6. Special projects (events)

Supplying the power needed to ensure the biggest events run smoothly is a real challenge. Any disruption to the power supply could entail lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction.

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