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Inverter NBS 3.3-5K

Key paramerers

• Capacity range: 3.2-5.5 KVA

• Input voltage: 230Vac

• Input frequency range: 50/60 Hz

• Transfer time: <20 ms

• Wave form : pure sine wave

• Operating efficiency: above 94%

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Product Details

High effiffifficiency pure sine wave inverter (PF=1)

Wide PVinput range (120VDC-500VDC) 80A MPPTSCC;

Intelligent 3 stage 60A/80A AC charger

Surges to 2X continuous power for 5 seconds for motor

loads Intelligent functionality enable utility and solar

input prioritization Wide utility input range(90Vac~280Vac)

for unreliable grid even * In the most challenging environments

Field serviceable with replacement boards and spare parts

Monitor, troubleshoot or communication with USB/RS232.

System confifigures quickly into compact, wall-mount-ed

system Working without batteries in sun day

WIFI/GPRS Monitoring function (optional)


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