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Benefits Of Having a UPS In Your Business


Benefits Of Having a UPS In Your Business

An Uninterruptible Power Supply does more than just “keep the lights on” for your infrastructure.

Protects your tech during power surges

A single lightning strike can send millions of volts through nearby wires and cables, which will fry anythingconnected to the grid. When this happens, your run-of-the-mill surge protector usually isn’t enough to stop hardware being damaged.

When you have a UPS, the voltage from the main electrical lines can be stabilized and smoothed out. If a surge hits—whether from lightning or another source—the UPS can switch over to battery power and shield anything connected from the erratic voltage. A double conversion UPS goes so far as to “clean” power so it doesn’t overload any equipment running off it.

Maintains business continuity during brownouts or blackouts

While we said it's more than a "keep the lights on" technology, a UPS still performs this role admirably well.

Blackouts or brownouts may seem less threatening to your hardware or data than a million volts streaking through the mains, but both can still wreak damage. More importantly, they can bring your business to a sudden, grinding halt. In today’s world, practically no business operates without some dependence on computers and technology… which makes a power failure a particularly painful event.

A UPS lets a business keep operating even when the power goes out in their neighbourhood. At best, they’re able to rely on backup batteries to keep operating until mains power is restored. At worst, a business can ensure data is saved and critical processes completed before gracefully shutting down their systems.

Normalise your power supply

Keeping your equipment safe from surges, spikes, or brownouts, during the next big thunderstorm or flood is important. But it doesn’t take a natural disaster; accidents or even just power works can trigger voltage fluctuations that shorten the life of your technology or disable them altogether.

A UPS can act as a kind of filter to normalise the power your computers get. This keeps them and any other electrical equipment your business relies on safe from dips or surges, no matter the source of the flux.

Does Your Business Need a UPS?

If you have an existing server with PCs or are looking to buy them, a UPS is a must-have, especially during SEQ’s storm season. However, it’s important to know what kind of UPS you need and the power load it will need to support.

If you already have a UPS, be mindful to get the batteries checked and maintenance done on the UPS unit itself. Batteries need to be changed every few years… and having the computers flick off during a storm is not the best way to find out they’re dead!