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Why should we use UPS as backup power system?


Imagine if your heart decided to quit beating for a while, of if it all of the sudden slowed way down or sped up in a sharp burst. Not a very appealing scenario, is it? Now, imagine that the power supply to your company’s IT equipment failed, or if it sent large spikes to your equipment. Although this situation isn’t as macabre as the metaphor of a heart, it nonetheless spells trouble for your business. Power is the lifeblood of your data center, and your IT equipment is designed to be supplied with a steady flow.

Unfortunately, the power delivered from your utility isn’t as steady as you’d like it to be. Brief power outages, power sags and power surges/spikes can cause more than just a hassle—they can cause damage to your IT equipment. Although backup power generators can supply your data center in the case of an extended outage (hours or even days), they are no help when you’re faced with transient power fluctuations. For example, if another utility customer starts a large inductive load, you may feel the effects down the line in the form of a short lived, but potentially harmful, power event. In such a case, you wouldn’t have any warning—let alone time to switch to a backup generator.

To deal with these shortlived power events, a UPS is critical. These systems not only provide temporary backup power for brief outages, but many also provide protection against transient power events like spikes and sags, thereby supplying your equipment with clean, high  quality power. Essentially, a UPS is a power storage device that cleans your power supply or takes over in the event of a power failure, giving you time to switch to your backup generators if the outage is expected to last more than some short period of time (like a minute or two, depending on your UPS’s capacity).

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