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China State Construction Ltd visited Guangzhou Daopulse Ltd reached cooperation


Vice President of China State Construction International Investments (China) Ltd visited Guangzhou Daopulse Energy Co.,ltd and reached cooperation

On August 5, 2020, Mr. Jiang Shaojie, vice president of China State Construction International Investments (China) Ltd, came to Guangzhou Daopulse for an inspection, accompanied by the company CEO, Mr. Liu Fude, and R&D manager Mr.Gu Yuan.

China State Construction Group visited our company's online high frequncy UPS, low frequency UPS, lead acid battery. solar panel, offgrid inverter etc product R&D and testing center and company exhibition hall. CEO Mr. Liu Fude gave a report on the company's development history and the latest breakthroughs in related products. China State Construction Group also listened to the report on UPS battery technology innovation, manufacturing and industrial chain layout by Mr. Gu Yuan, Guangzhou Daopulse R&D manager, and learned in detail about the company's UPS battery development plan.

The vice president of China State Construction International Investments (China) Ltd highly affirmed the achievements made by Guangzhou Daopulse, recognized the companysstrength, and appreciated the products, especially on UPS battery products. This time, preliminary cooperation has been reached and applied to China State Construction engineering projects. In the near future, we have more deeper cooperation. We will continue to innovate to provide better products and services to global customers.