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What is the UPS?


When most people hear the acronym "UPS", the first thing to consider is a man in a brown uniform who jumps out of a delivery truck and pushes forward the package you have been waiting for. But for now, let's out of the box and explore another "UPS" that plays an important role in our daily lives: uninterruptible power supplies. If you are not technically savvy, don't panic! An uninterruptible power supply (or UPS) is a technical reason for providing a backup battery to other electronic devices in the event of a power failure.

Uninterruptible power supplies fall into two categories: the first (and most commonly used) type is called standby or offline UPS. Under normal circumstances, the standby UPS acts as an electronic intermediary: it plugs into a wall outlet and distributes AC power from the outlet to other electronic devices it is connected to. In addition to distributing power, the UPS unit usually provides surge protection, but the uninterruptible power supply will not actually start running until the power is exhausted! Once the current fluctuation or stop is detected, the power inverter of the standby UPS is immediately turned on, converting the DC power of the battery to AC power to provide backup power for the equipment under UPS protection.

The second, more specialized uninterruptible power supply is called a continuous or online UPS. The function of a continuous UPS is much more complicated than the function of a standby UPS. The continuous unit operating device does not distribute AC power from a wall outlet like a standby UPS, but powers the battery through the battery while the battery is continuously charging. The fact that a continuous UPS does not need to switch the switch to battery mode means that there is no time delay if the main power supply fails. Therefore, Daopulse UPS is primarily used to process critical data or extremely sensitive components.

Using the UPS with a computer or home theater device is the best way to prevent data loss and damage caused by a power failure! If you haven't used it yet, visit Daopulse to see our various uninterruptible power supplies. No matter what your needs and budget are, you can find the perfect UPS for any application!

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