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Daopulse 1KVA~3KVA UPS


Daopulse 1KVA~3KVA UPS is a new generation of universal UPS, which is designed and manufactured with the latest scientific research and application experience. The use of state-of-the-art DSP digital control technology effectively improves the product performance and system reliability, achieving high power density integration and miniaturization. Daopulse 1KVA~3KVA UPS is a high-end online energy-saving low power UPS, specially designed for small/medium-sized enterprises and small power supply needs in domestic and foreign markets. Withrich extendability, users canconfigure flexibly according tothe full range of personalized needs. It can provide highly reliable green power protection for the departmental servers, small LANs, workstations, industrial PCs, small medical devices, and other small precision electronic instruments.

Product Features:

High output power factor

The output power factor is as high as 0.9 and can be set to 0.8. With strong load ability,it solves the problem of compatibility with different loads and is more flexible.

Ultra-wide input voltage range

85VAC~300VAC input voltage range, compatible with harsh power environment, reducing battery discharge times and improving battery life.

Adaptability to harsh environments

Wide input voltage and frequencyrange, high output power factor, it can operate normally in harsh power environment, reducing battery discharge times and improvingbattery life.

Multiple output voltages

With its high flexibility, compatibility and no customization required, users can set the output voltage (200/208/220/230/240Vac) and frequency (50Hz/60Hz) according to their needs.

Energy saving and eco-friendly

Theoverall efficiency is over 90%, and 1 in ECO mode, saving energy and operating costs. As aenvironmentally friendly product, it is in line with the national control management measures to electronic information product pollution , not causing any damage to the environment or personal injury.

DSP digital control technology

With advanced DSP technology and fully digital high-performance chips, the data processing is accurate and rapid, making UPS performance outstanding, stable and reliable.

Zero conversion time

Adopting the latest double-conversion pure onlinetechnology design, the switching time of the mains, battery and bypass power supply modes is zero, which effectively ensures the safety and reliability of the load operation.

Industry-leading frequency conversiontechnology

Industry-leading frequency conversion technologyprovides stable and reliable input(50Hz/60Hz) to the loads at normal mains input frequency (40 to 70 Hz).

Compatible with different generators

Wide input voltage and frequency range, effectively isolating the bad power from the generator. It can be used with various generators to provide pure, safe and stable power for the load.

Highly reliable electrical and mechanical design

Highly reliable power device protection and enhanced anti-corrosion performance improve the adaptability to the ever-changing load environment and electrical equipment application.

Highly intelligent management

Daopulse UPS provides a wealth of extendable intelligent management functions, with the option to install remote monitoring, centralized monitoring, dry contacts, environmental monitoring and other functions.

Auto-adaptation of power system frequency

The UPS automatically recognizes and adapts to the 50 Hz / 60 Hz power system to meet the needs of different power systems.

High input power factor

The digitally controlled Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) technology enables input power factor up to 1, effectively avoiding contamination of the grid environment, saving energy and reducing system cost.