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The right inverter for the job


Not all inverters are equal. Some are more effective than others, which affects the output and potential savings of the entire system. There are three types of home solar panel inverters:

1.Traditional inverters, also known as central inverters, are connected in series through all panels. This means that you get as much power as the weakest amount of electricity produced. Typically, such an inverter is a single box mounted next to a household circuit breaker box.

2.The micro inverter is a small inverter placed on the back of each solar panel. Installing a separate inverter allows each solar panel to be executed independently. This method distributes the workload so that the system has a lower permanent energy capacity, making the micro-inverter safer for firefighters and maintenance/installers.

3.DC optimizers, such as micro-inverters, are devices located on the back of each panel. However, instead of converting DC energy to AC, the optimizer adjusts the DC energy and sends the power to the central inverter. This creates a hybrid system that combines the advantages of traditional inverters and micro-inverters. Systems with power optimizers are more efficient than traditional inverters and can monitor every solar panel, not just the entire system. This multi-point monitoring helps to accurately identify the causes of system failures and automatically adjusts to maximize power generation.

Daopulse provides you with intelligent inverter solutions that optimize your system to maximize power generation while reducing the energy costs of solar systems.