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Difference between solar street lights and traditional street lights


In the past few decades, solar and solar products have accumulated unparalleled visibility - so solar products are outdated or at least reduce the dominant position of traditional lighting. The enormous damage caused by the use of solar energy is the absolute advantage of solar streetlights when using traditional street lights. By considering the importance of solar street lights, it can be understood why the above interruption occurred.

the effect on the environment

Solar street lights do not have any harmful effects on the environment. In fact, the use of solar street lights is very harmless, far superior to the traditional street lights driven by electric power generated by non-replenishable power supplies. In addition, the use of these irreversible sources to drive traditional streetlights may also result in the production of carbon dioxide as a by-product, which contributes to ecological balance.

Visibility and lighting

Most modern solar street lights have LED lights or built-in LEDs. The LEDs can be colored to achieve the desired CRI, making it as similar as possible to sunlight, and increasing nighttime visibility during this process. Traditional street lamps typically have metal halide lamps that are far less visible than solar LED street lamps.


In terms of price, traditional street lamps are much cheaper than solar street lamps. However, if you consider all the money used - from installation and maintenance to bulb or bulb replacement, the cost of solar street lights is a better investment. Solar street lights require little maintenance. Moreover, unlike conventional street lamps, solar lamps do not require a clear placement of the electrodes, which is a slow and expensive process in itself.

Lamp life

Traditional street lights last only about 5,000 hours. The total life of solar street lights using LED lights is about ten times that of traditional street lights.


Whether it is a power outage or a grid failure, solar lights can keep the entire street lit. When the grid fails, traditional street lights usually stop working.

The above comparison is enough to show which of the two types of street lights is better - it has always been a solar street light! Most modern solar street lights are integrated with LED lights. The explosive combination of LED and solar street lights combines the advantages of today's leading technologies - solar and LED. For those who want to buy solar streetlights online, there are many options; for more information on solar streetlights, click on the Daopulse page.