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Things to consider before installing solar street lights


A set of solar panels powers street lights

Solar lights have many benefits. First, once installed, they require little maintenance and no external power. However, if you plan to install these devices, there are a few things to consider before proceeding with the project.

If you are interested in the details of projecting, installing and operating solar street lights, you can find many interesting facts in this article. However, you still need to pay attention to these things to ensure that your project is effective.

dark place

The area you want to illuminate with solar street lights needs to be able to illuminate the sun; you should know about solar energy. However, the shadows during the day will change. Before installing a solar light, you need to calculate the amount of light that reaches that point during the day. Solar panels require only a certain amount of sunlight to generate enough power to run at night.

Professionals have tools to calculate the sun, so you should use them. If the point does not meet your needs, you can move it to a more suitable location or remove the source of the sun visor, for example.

How busy is this area?

Modern solar lights operate using adaptive lighting technology, which means they will go out at specific times to save more energy. However, if the area is active all night, turning off the lights is not ideal. That's why you need to study the amount of traffic in the area and modify your solar lights accordingly.

However, if you can use adaptive lighting technology, you can significantly reduce the overall cost of your project. By using a smaller battery pack, the size and weight of the street light can be reduced. Often, this technology cannot be used on major roads, while secondary roads and rural areas can benefit.

Lighting requirements

Depending on the size of the area, you may need to use a stronger or less efficient LED light and the included solar light. The proposal may need to include more fixtures, which will ultimately increase the price of the entire project.

Not only can it affect the size of the project area. Any type of obstacle also plays an important role in determining the spacing of the luminaries. Usually, they need to be spaced about 100 feet apart. However, if there are buildings or trees or any other type of obstacle, you may need to increase the density. Solar lighting professionals once again received training to accurately and efficiently calculate these distances.

high expectation

Finally, the default height of the pole may not be suitable for all purposes. If you have any special requirements, this is another item that needs to be included in the proposal. For example, if you have a cute tree line that you don't want to destroy, you can arrange your solar panels to rise above it without cutting down trees.

Similarly, particularly windy areas require dedicated poles that can withstand wind. If you have any such restrictions, make sure you have predetermined so that you won't be annoying when you need to pay.

If you can overcome all of these challenges, you will get amazing and cost-effective lighting methods that meet your requirements.

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